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2019 – Destination: Deep Space

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The game was announced January 5th, 2019 to FIRST Robotics Competition teams around the world. Our team gathered at William Chrisman High School, as we anxiously waited until the release, even with the water delay during the live-stream.

FIRST Destination: Deep SpaceSM presented by The Boeing Company is a game with an outer space theme and involves two alliances of three teams each competing to place hatch covers and rubber balls or “cargo” on rockets and cargo ships before returning to their hab platform to climb at the end of the match.

For more information, visit the links below.

Game Manual
Game Animation
2019 Team Binder
Inside the FBI’s Operations 2019




Name, School

Katie Ameku, THS
Chloe Berridge, THS
Aaron “Bigge”, THS
Will Blanton, THS
Nolan Boone, THS
Kaitlyn Bover, THS
Hannah Carr, THS
Megan Champoux, WCHS
Britten Clarke, THS
Cara Crowley, THS
Zack Freeman, THS
Daniel Gatschet, THS
Kale Greenwalt, THS
Coraleigh Hendrix, VHHS
Katelyn Lunceford, VHHS
Brennen McClain, VHHS
Myla Miller, THS
William Moon, THS
Xander Mosley, THS
Cole Mountain, THS
Makayla Munger, WCHS
Nathan Neufeld, THS
Sam O’Neill, VHHS
Chris Qualls, THS
Linden Reaves, THS
TJ Reynolds-Welsh, WCHS
Carrie Robinson, WCHS
Bryce Sawmiller, WCHS
Devin Scheck, VHHS
Payge Smith, WCHS
Neida Villeda, THS
Zane Vowells, THS



Name, Occupation

Jared Fordham, CBOE Holdings Inc.
Russell Clothier “AKA” Doc, VHHS THS WCHS
Archie Gartrost, CPRS
Quentin Vowells, InStore Design Display
Eli Freeman, University of Missouri
Michaela Ebert, Northwest Missouri State University
Christi Jones, Russell Stover
Shawna Freeman, Integrated Health Systems
Ed Freeman, Integrated Health Systems
Gary Robinson, Cerner



Name, School, Duties, Experience

Jared Hook “AKA” Hook, WCHS, Technology, Since 2005
Lisa Randolph “AKA” Randy, VHHS, Public Relations, Since 2012
Billy Diman “AKA” Diman, WCHS, Metal working, Since 2016
Jason Windes “AKA” Windes, THS, Design, Since 2017