2018 Overview

2018 was our most successful year yet!

We started off the year with the amazing news that our school district, Independence School District, had bought a facility where they’d like to put an FRC practice field. This practice facility really gave us an advantage for competition, placing 4th and 3rd seed at both competitions we went to!

We developed new ways to design our robot. We were able to use our 3D printer to design our wire layout, putting everything on stands to run wires underneath to make it more organized. Adding to wire management we used WAGO lever nuts to organize CAN wires. On the mechanic side of things, one of our mentors introduced us to powder coating. With powder coating being introduced to our team we were able to give our robot an aesthetic look in coordination to our team apparel while giving the robot parts a durable coating. With our robot being powder coated it brought people to actually acknowledge our bot and see that it was a high performer. Both of these allowed us to win the Quality Award at the Heartland Regional.

This year we went to 2 competitions, back to back weeks. We attended the Heartland and Greater Kansas City Regional. At Heartland we seeded 4th, becoming alliance captains. While we were knocked out in semis, we didn’t go home empty handed, we won the Quality Award. At Greater Kansas City, we seeded 3rd, becoming the 1st alliance’s first pick. Leading us to become the regional champions!

With the anticipation of Houston World Championship divisions, we were placed in Newton. Out of 67 teams in our division, we placed 37th. During alliance selections, we were selected as the third pick of the number 2 seed. Working alongside our alliance partners, 1678, 1619, and 4061 we won our division going onto Einstein Field! After losing two games, our alliance place 3rd on Einstein Field.