2017 Steamworks

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2017 – Steamworks

The game was announced January 7th, 2017 to FIRST Robotics Competition teams around the world. Our team huddled around the projector, as we counted down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the game was revealed. And then there was a slight delay.

STEAMWORKSSM is a steampunk-based game in which you team up with two other teams, to form an alliance of three. You go up against another alliance in a race to get your airship steamed up and ready to fly. The game is played by getting little balls into the generator to increase steam pressure in your airship, and giving gears to your airship operator to power up the propellers.

For more information, visit the links below.

Game Manual
Game Animation




Brody Bailey, THS,
Jacob Bennett, WCHS,
Tyler Bennett, WCHS,
Cyrus Berridge, THS,
James Beuhlman, WCHS,
Kaitlyn Bover, THS,
Hannah Carr, THS,
Britten Clarke, THS,
Cara Crowley, THS,
Jefferson Donald II, WCHS,
Jennifer Fadler, THS,
Jordan Fountain, THS,
Zack Freeman, THS,
Skylar Fulton, THS,
Lillyn Holsworth, VHHS,
Connor Jones, THS,
MaKayla Jones, VHHS,
Remy Mathenia, WCHS,
Brennen McClain, THS,
Robert “Jason” Meadows, WCHS,
Samantha Miller, THS,
Jacob Overbay, THS,
TJ Reynolds-Welsh, WCHS,
Yvette Rito, THS,
Carrie Robinson, WCHS,
Dayne Rowlette, THS,
Shikhar Srivastava, WCHS,
Sammi Taylor, THS,
Renan Troy, THS,
Kaitlyn Waage, WCHS,
Jennifer Wright, VHHS,
Emily Youmans, WCHS,



Jared Fordham, BATS,
Marty Morrison, Cerner,
Jason Sachan, Cerner,
Nick Green, Honeywell,
Archie Gartrost, CPRS,
Pete Simmons, CPRS,
Billy Diman, WCHS,
Lucy Wray, Longview Student,
Jonah Hankins, MCC Business and Technology,
Quentin Vowells, Bennett Tool and Die,
Candy Wilford, M.E. Group,
Eli Freeman, University of Missouri,
Michaela Ebert, Northwest Missouri State University,



“Doc” Russell Clothier, VHHS WCHS, Programming, Since 2005,
“Hook” Jared Hook, WCHS, Technology, Since 2005,
“Randy” Lisa Randolph, VHHS, Public Relations, Since 2012,
“Diman” Billy Diman, WCHS, Metal working, Since 2016,
Karen Vaughn, THS, Building Contact, Since 2016,