2012 Rebound Rumble

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2012 – Rebound Rumble


The Rebound Rumble robotics game is played between two Alliances of three teams each. Each Alliance competes by trying to score as many of the  basketballs in the hoops as possible during the 2-minute and 15-second match. Balls scored in higher hoops score Alliances more points. Alliances are awarded bonus points if they are balanced on bridges at the end of the match. In matches where opponent Alliances work together to balance on the white bridge, all participating teams earn additional valuable seeding points.


“Plan B” our Robot

This is our FIRST season attempting to build a practice bot as well as a full competition robot. We worked out a wonderful plan that came to pass much too late in the season. We still managed to construct dually named “Plan B,” since our primary plans fell through. Our original robot “Plan A,” did finally come in from our sponsors and we still plan on finishing it for demonstrations and to continue the learning experiences that FIRST provides as a multitude of opportunities to accomplish.

“Our Journey”

This Link will explain more about out competition Journey.

Name, School, Grade, Title
Candyta Wilford, WCHS, 12, 4 years, Team Captain – Fabrication Leader
Courtney Waage, WCHS, 11, 3 years, Team Captain – Programming Leader
Brystal Smith, WCHS, 12, 4 years, Chairman’s Leader
Kalee Trimble, WCHS, 12, 3 years, Graphics
Brenda Pineda, WCHS, 11, 3 years, Spirit Leader
Trevor Frogge, WCHS, 11, 2 years, Build Leader
Nils Griswold-Steiner, THS, 11, 2 years, Logistics Leader
Lucy Wray, THS, 10, Rookie, Safety Captain Build/Assembly Leader
Rachel Ketchum, WCHS, 9, Rookie, Webmaster
Bobby Ketchum, WCHS, 12, 4 years
Becky Robinson, WCHS, 12, 4 years
Shelby VanVeen, WCHS, 12, 2 years
Katie Sheets, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Bailee Gurney, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Eleanor Fedynich,SMHS,10,2 years
Eric Waage, WCHS, 9, 2 years
Jason Gruner, WCHS, 12, Rookie
Collin Smith, CPRS, 12, Rookie
Anthony Garciano, THS, 11, Rookie
Katie Bartels, WCHS, 11, Rookie
Kayla Smith, WCHS, 11, Rookie
Quinten Vowells, THS, 10, Rookie
Jonah Hankins, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Brianna Goens, VHHS, 10, Rookie
Garett Tucker, THS, 10, Rookie
Stevon Sickles, THS, 9, Rookie
Amanda Jackson, WCHS, 9, Rookie

Adviser, School, Responsibility, Experience
“Russell Clothier “”AKA”” Doc”, THS, Programming and External Team Management, 7 years
“Jared Hook “”AKA”” Hook”, WCHS, Marketing and Internal Team Management, Robot Building, Purchasing, Team Logistics, 7 years
“Brad Drinkwater “”AKA”” Drink”, THS, Robot Building, Field Elements, Team Eligability, Rookie
“Brian Holmgren “”AKA”” Mr. H”, VHHS, Robot Design, Robot Building, Mentor Relations, 4 years