2010 Breakaway


2010 – Breakaway


Two alliances of three teams each compete on a 27′ x 54′ field with bumps
attempting to earn points by collecting soccer balls in their goals. Additional
bonus points are earned for each robot not touching the field at the end of the
match. Robots: Dimensions at start of game 28″ x 38″ x 60″ Max. dimensions during last 20 seconds of game not to exceed 7′ in diameter or 90″ in height. Weight not to exceed 120 lbs., excluding batteries and bumpers. Game Play Rules: Robots may not possess more than one ball at a time, but they may herd and kick multiple balls at a time. Balls must remain in contact with the floor while in robots possession. Alliances must return scored balls to the field quickly. Only one robot at a time is permitted to play defense in front of the opponents goals.

Name, School, Grade, Title
Josh Brown, THS, 12, 4 years, Programming Leader
Christian Waage, WCHS, 11, 3 years, Build Leader
Rachel Kelsey, WCHS, 12, 2 years, Team Captain
Candyta Wilford, WCHS, 10, 2 years, Spirit Leader
Jacob Washburn, WCHS, 11, 3 years
Melissa Copeland, WCHS, 12, 2 years
Kody Brockert, THS, 11, 2 years
Leo Fikes, VHHS, 11, 2 years
Ray Holderman, WCHS, 11, 2 years
Matt Holloway, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Coulton Gurney, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Melissa Boyce, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Felicia Brown, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Bobby Ketchum, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Becky Robinson, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Jacob Shelton, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Brystal Smith, WCHS, 10, 2 years
Ed Mansfield, VHHS, 10, 2 years
Cody Williamson, WCHS, 11, Rookie
Cory Morgan, WCHS, 11, Rookie
Ben Margrave, WCHS, 11, Rookie
Dylan Knight, WCHS, 11, Rookie
Aaron Brown, WCHS, 11, Rookie
Chad Nesbitt, VHHS, 11, Rookie
Brian Mena, WCHS, 11, Rookie
Mayela Roa, VHHS, 10, Rookie
Anelia Burleson, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Eva Deel, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Quay Fitch, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Tremon Handson, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Jeremy Mullen, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Jessica Spies, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Kalee Trimble, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Shelby Vanveen, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Amber Higgs, WCHS, 10, Rookie
Adam Stiverson, VHHS, 9, Rookie
Cristin Dorrbecker, WCHS, 9, Rookie
Brenda Pineda, WCHS, 9, Rookie
Courtney Waage, WCHS, 9, Rookie
Cheyanne Welch, WCHS, 9, Rookie


FBI Coaches



Season’s Experience

Russell Clothier”AKA” Doc Truman High School Programming and Team Management 5 years
Jared Hook”AKA” Hook William Chrisman High School Marketing and Team Management of Robot Building


Team Logistics

5 years
Rick Gwinn”AKA” Gwinn William Chrisman High School Robot BuildingField Elements 4 years
Brian Holmgren”AKA” Mr. H Van Horn High School Robot DesignRobot Building 2 years