FIRST Robotics

                         What is FRC?

FRC, which stands for FIRST Robotics Competition, is a program for high school students from grades 9-12 (ages 14-18). FRC teams are given a game task to accomplish, a kit of parts to use, and six weeks to build a functional robot that can compete in the game. Each year, the game changes. Each match of the game consists of 2 alliances, red and blue, made up by 3 teams per alliance. The game consists of three periods of gameplay, starting with a 30 second autonomous period where the robot performs a set of pre-programmed actions and is not driven by the team members. After the autonomous period, the rest of the game is teleoperated, or controlled by team members. The last section of the game is called the end game, where a bonus tax may be completed to earn extra points.

According to FIRST, “FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a unique varsity “Sport for the Mind?” designed to help high-school-aged young people discover interesting and rewarding careers in engineering, science, and technology. FRC teams are composed of student, professional engineers, and other adult Mentors who have just six weeks to work collaboratively to design and build a robot that can compete in specially designed robot games.

At FRC Competitions, teams compete in alliances to complete the new challenge unveiled each year at the January Kickoff. Referees oversee the competition while Judges evaluate teams and present awards for design, technology, and sportsmanship. Students have a unique opportunity to test their designs under challenging circumstances while interacting with industry and business leaders who volunteer their time to help make this event happen.”

Courtesy of The Official CHAMPIONSHIP Program Guide, 2011

FRC Statistics

Over 2,000 teams
Over 50,000 students
Grades 9-12

FRC History

FRC 1992 FRC 1993 FRC 1994 FRC 1995
1992 Maize Craze 1993 Rug Rage 1994 Tower Power 1995 Ramp N’ Roll
FRC 1996 FRC 1997 FRC 1998 FRC 1999
1996 Hexagon Havoc 1997 Toroid Terror 1998 Ladder Logic 1999 Double Trouble
FRC 2000 FRC 2001 FRC 2002 FRC 2003
Co-opertition FIRST
2001 Diabolical
2002 Zone Zeal 2003 Stack Attack
FRC 2004 FRC 2005 FRC 2006 FRC 2007
2004 FIRST Frenzy 2005 Triple Play 2006 Aim High 2007 Rack ‘N’ Roll
FRC 2008 FRC 2009 FRC 2010 FRC 2011
2008 FIRST Overdrive 2009 Lunacy® 2010 Breakaway® 2011 Logo Motion™
FRC2012 FRC 2013 FRC 2014 FRC 2015
2012 Rebound RumbleSM 2013 Ultimate AscentSM 2014 Aerial AssistSM 2015 Recycle RushSM
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2016 FIRST StrongholdSM  2017 FIRST STEAMworksSM  2018 FIRST Power UpSM 2019 FIRST Destination:  Deep SpaceSM