FLL Tournament 2018

On December 1st, we hosted our 8th annual Truman Town FLL Tournament at Bingham Middle School. Teams from all over the KC metropolitan area came to compete.


Savannah Tech Tribe Black prepares their bot for its first qualifying mission. (Chloe Berridge)

Volunteering as a Head Referee, former FBI team member, Eli Freeman, goes over a score sheet with the Green Hole team. (Lisa Randolph)

Working diligently, Payge Smith, Makayla Munger, and a FIRST volunteer type up score sheets so teams can see their placement on the big screen. (Lisa Randolph)

Prepped and ready to go, our raffle is on display and bringing in money for FIRST teams in California affected by the Wildfires.  We raised over $200 to donate. (Lisa Randolph)

Eagerly watching his bot, a member of the Briarwood Botz is ready for the first real round of the competition. (Chloe Berridge)

Truman senior and FBI veteran, Britten Clarke, tells MC, Mr. Windes, that the Mustang Robotics team is ready to go. (Chloe Berridge) 

After taking their seats, students and sponsors welcome the director of the greater KC metropolitan area FLL events with applause. (Chloe Berridge)

Chrisman senior and FBI veteran, TJ Welsh puts down a penalty lego. (Chloe Berridge)

Truman junior and FBI veteran, Zach Freeman, reviews a score sheet. (Chloe Berridge)

Team Rockin’ Rockets take 1st place. (Chloe Berridge)

Devastated by their results, the Rockin’ Rockets go over their scoring sheet with a referee. (Chloe Berridge)

While showing off their iconic dream catcher, team Savannah Tech Tribe Black marches to their seat at the beginning of the opening ceremony. (Chloe Berridge) 

The Rockin’ Rockets prepare their bot for their first real round. (Chloe Berridge)

Team 7868, the Show Me Legos, march with their team sign, while giving out high-fives. (Chloe Berridge)

The Space Invaders also march with their team sign before the opening ceremony. (Chloe Berridge)

Stronghold Day 26


JF 2_17_16 (102)

Build Team

Update: Today, we continued assembly of both bots. We listed out the specific parts that still need to be machined, in hopes of getting them machined tomorrow. We started bumper assembly as well. Electronics are expected to be put on over the next few days. We also spoke briefly to Independence’s Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, Dr. Brad MacLaughlin, about our robot.

Scalar Team

Update: The team sorta split today. Some of us  worked with one mentor and the rest with another. The first group worked on the shooter release mechanism by testing the pressure on the device versus the force needed to release the device. The second group worked on the arm attachment that would complete the drawbridge and Sally port. We finished the mock-up mechanism and dimensioned the geometry necessary to prove our design works within all limitations and rules. We later created an inventor design of the attachment labeled “Archie-Arm”. Also, on a side note, one of us worked with another student for a short period assembling a motor and encoder gear ratio system for our coach.

Control Team

Update: I wired the new pneumatics all day. We wrote a program that controls the shuttle on the shooter to pull the spring back and release.


Update: Today we updated the blog and took more pictures and videos for Chairmen’s and for our blog. We worked on uploading pictures on our rough draft of our poster for the pit and then we created a prototype of our 3D castle that will have a functioning draw bridge for people to grab badges out of. That was a lot of fun! We also worked on some of the mentor “wanted” posters.


Update: We worked on the pieces that go on the inside of the folders for Chairman’s. We helped the control group figure out most of the pneumatic system. We collected hopefully everything needed for an electronic and pneumatic system into a bucket.

Stronghold Day 24




Update: Today we had the privilege of working with our mentors within our little group. We continued to work on the arms to get past the drawbridge and sally port defense.  We are now utilizing a ruler, spring, wood, golf ball and eventually Velcro and string 🙂 (along with metal, obviously lol).

CAD Team

Update: Today, we started assembly of the second robot. The chassis has the gearboxes, wheels, and chains on it. It’s not too far off the first robot.

Control Team

Update: We worked on getting the autonomous routing system working with extra functions like running two actions at once. We worked on getting a different way to do the “up and over” program by using the displacement command from the navx. We also worked on getting the encoders to stop a motor when you get to a certain position.


Update: Chairman’s script is finished! We will be devoting the whole rest of the time to the video.


Update: We worked on Chairman’s and helped finish the script. We are still working on the items that go into the folders for the judges. We worked on placement of electronics. We also learned some stuff about machining from a mentor and helped more the scalar part around on the robot so that it only stuck out 14.75 inches from the frame at a 90 degree angle.

Stronghold Day 23



Scalar Team

Update: Today, we were working on getting past the drawbridge. We made several modifications to one of the scaling arms and riveted, drilled, unriveted, re-riveted, etc. We are close but not finished. When we consult with  our mentor on Monday we should get it done fairly fast then work on the part to get past the Sally port.

CAD Team

Update: Again, not much done in CAD. We just fixed some shafts and a mounting bracket. For the majority of the day, we built. We finished securing the mezzanine. The mounting points for the shooter and the scalar are in place and printed the PTO slider piece.

Control Team

Update: We tried on getting the auto cross working. It works well on slow speeds but when you go to fast the down angle isn’t drastic enough. We tried to get the encoder to turn off the motor after 70 rotations.

Inventory Team

Update: We re-labeled all taped tools because they were becoming disgusting and have new concept for pit storage via a coach’s brain.

PR Team

Update: Today we worked on making our Who’s Who poster, got the open house started,  worked on Most Wanted, copied travel packet, and worked on  the website.


Update: We consulted with a mentor about the scouting app which is coming along. They just have a few more things to work on. We then started laying out the information we would like to have for strategy for the same mentor to look at. We also created an order for tablets and cases to use for scouting and strategy and assisted with the skit for Chairman’s.

Stronghold Day 22

2-11-16JF 2 (20)

Scalar Team

Update: We continued to disassemble a robot. Then we assembled the gear system that connects to the shooter intake mini CIM.

CAD Team

Update: Today, we designed a bracket to hold the shooter release mechanism. Once that was designed, we worked on building the robot.

Control Team

Update: We worked on RoboRio settings and reading up on Talon motor controllers. We worked on the pitch detection. It is almost complete and we know about where the problem is on the program.


Update: We worked on the skit and put the GoPro on a teammate until it died.


Update: We worked on the skit for Chairman’s to update it. We also worked on the exhibits that are in the folders we give to the judges for Chairman’s. We are working towards making everything be about our theme which is leaving a legacy. We also have to update all of the information. It will take some time, but we plan to do it for most or all of Saturday so we can have it done. Also I thought it was great on how much progress we have all made on the chassis. Everyone is doing a great job, and I am seeing more people get involved. It’s awesome!