F.B.I. 2015: Week 2

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Decisions are hard to make. Someone once said, “When you make a decision, go with it and don’t look back.” This is exactly what Team 1723 did this week. The team faced some hard decisions due to the large number of good options to choose from. Eli Freeman’s goal for the week was to finally make a decision on our robot mechanism.  Over the last week, Jacob Keefe continued to help prototype ideas for our mechanism. On Saturday, January 17, 2015, the team agreed on making a hybrid robot that can collect totes from the human player AND has a fork lift/arms to pick-up totes and containers.

The decision about student leaders for the team has also been announced: Aimee Dietiker and Jacqueline Stock are our team captains; Eli Freeman is head of programming; Renan Troy is head of scouting; Jacqueline Stock is also build captain, and Michaela Ebert is head of public relations.


F.B.I. 2015: Week 1

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       After finding out what the game is for this year, our team has been working hard this week with only success on their minds. In the first build week of 2015 our team came up with different strategies and prototyping ideas. We worked with them for the last week to see which idea would work the best for our team.

David Bogue is one of our rookies. He has been prototyping an internal lift for our robot. His goal for this year is to stack one tote with one container on top. He continues to prototype his ideas to meet his goal.

Another member of the F.B.I. team is Aimee Dietiker. She has spent the last week on control systems, prototyping, and organizing. She started working on a container or tote mechanism, but she decided wouldn’t work. Instead of giving up on her goal of building a working robot that perform our programming, she started working on a new stacking mechanism that will stack in the middle of the robot to keep the stack stabilized.

Cailyn Crowley worked on a prototype with a conveyor belt intake and a trash truck like idea. Her goal was to be as helpful and supportive of her team as possible.  She believes that you can get a decent amount done and still have room to improve.

Behind the scenes, Ashlyn Messer has spent the week taking photographs of the team while we work. Her goal is to not be rushing during the last couple of weeks of build season.  To achieve this she and other members of public relations have been working on team badges. We will continue into next week to finalize our strategy for this year’s game.

FBI becomes FIRST Champions at Kansas City

FBI ChampionsThe FIRST Bots of Independence “FBI” Robotics Team won the 2014 Greater Kansas City Regional Robotics Tournament on Saturday, March 15. Fifty-eight teams from six states converged on the MCC Business and Technology Campus for three days of intense robotics competition. After two days of qualification matches, the FBI was chosen to be part of a three-team alliance for Finals, joining Team Titanium from Lee’s Summit West and the Robonauts from League City, Texas. After breezing through the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds, the Tournament came down to a single match. The FBI’s alliance squeaked by for a thrilling 145-140 victory. Against all odds, the FBI has now been crowned the Greater Kansas City Regional Champions, and will represent the Independence School District at the FIRST Robotics World Championships in St. Louis on April 24-26.
The FBI Robotics Team is part of the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) division of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) founded by Dean Kamen and Dr. Woodie Flowers. The FBI is composed of students from Truman High School, Van Horn High School, William Chrisman High School, and Center Place Restoration School in Independence.
For more information about FIRST teams and competition, please visit www.usfirst.org. To see video of the winning round of competition, visit http://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2014mokc_f1m3.
The FBI Robotics Team will be competing again in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on March 25th and 26th.

Please congratulate the new champions on a job well done!

Lucy Wray, Team Captain
Quentin Vowells, Team Captain
Nic Padilla, Driver
Eli Freeman, Driver
Skylar Fulton, Human Player
Ian Coburn
Carlos Cook
Mark Crowell
Cailyn Crowley
Aimee Dietiker
Alesha Diman
Michaela Ebert
William Elliott
Tyler Farrell
Nathan Fikes
Andrew Foster
Ryan Frazee
Brianna Goens
Jonah Hankins
Jacob Keefe
Rachel Ketchum
Griffen Leakey
Ashlyn Messer
Michael Morash
Hector Olivas
Colton Place
Stevon Sickles
Matthew Small
Jacquelyn Stock
Alex Stutzman
Renan Troy
Eric Waage
Coaches: Dr. Russell Clothier, Mr. Jared Hook, Mr. Brad Drinkwater, Mrs. Lisa Randolph
Mentors: Ms. Candy Wilford, Mr. Nick Green, Mr. Archie Gatrost, Mr. Pete Simmons, Mr. Billy Diman

Lisa Randolph
Journalism teacher
Van Horn High School
Independence School District
(816) 521-5360

Annual Robert Clothier Truman Town Tournament

Today is the Annual Robert Clothier Truman Town Tournament and there will be occasional ranking updates posted here through out the day for convenience. The first rank update will be after the 11:01 match. See you then and good luck to all the teams.


1. 10849

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