FBI members Train for FIRST

by Jacqueline Stock

On Saturday October 12th a contingent of FBI members traveled to Liberty High School to attend the Massive Mini FIRST Robotics training day. What a great experience the Massive Mini was! The amount of work and effort that was put forth by the Students, Teachers, and Coaches that were there was incredible. It was easy to see that everyone involved was extremely enthusiastic about how robots come together, the importance of safety within the teams, and the advertising a FIRST team needs to promote within the community. I highly recommend that ever rookie team, student, or parent attend this training event to give rookie team members insight on how to start your FIRST experience off right. By interacting with the class presenters or getting advice from other teams, who are more than happy to help, the experience felt more like a community than a competition, which made new teams really feel at home. The free food was also a great aspect of the event!



FBI Members in attendance: Jacqueline Stock, Jacob Carlton, Eli Freeman, Nick Podia, and Ryan Frazee