FLL Tournament 2018

On December 1st, we hosted our 8th annual Truman Town FLL Tournament at Bingham Middle School. Teams from all over the KC metropolitan area came to compete.


Savannah Tech Tribe Black prepares their bot for its first qualifying mission. (Chloe Berridge)

Volunteering as a Head Referee, former FBI team member, Eli Freeman, goes over a score sheet with the Green Hole team. (Lisa Randolph)

Working diligently, Payge Smith, Makayla Munger, and a FIRST volunteer type up score sheets so teams can see their placement on the big screen. (Lisa Randolph)

Prepped and ready to go, our raffle is on display and bringing in money for FIRST teams in California affected by the Wildfires.  We raised over $200 to donate. (Lisa Randolph)

Eagerly watching his bot, a member of the Briarwood Botz is ready for the first real round of the competition. (Chloe Berridge)

Truman senior and FBI veteran, Britten Clarke, tells MC, Mr. Windes, that the Mustang Robotics team is ready to go. (Chloe Berridge) 

After taking their seats, students and sponsors welcome the director of the greater KC metropolitan area FLL events with applause. (Chloe Berridge)

Chrisman senior and FBI veteran, TJ Welsh puts down a penalty lego. (Chloe Berridge)

Truman junior and FBI veteran, Zach Freeman, reviews a score sheet. (Chloe Berridge)

Team Rockin’ Rockets take 1st place. (Chloe Berridge)

Devastated by their results, the Rockin’ Rockets go over their scoring sheet with a referee. (Chloe Berridge)

While showing off their iconic dream catcher, team Savannah Tech Tribe Black marches to their seat at the beginning of the opening ceremony. (Chloe Berridge) 

The Rockin’ Rockets prepare their bot for their first real round. (Chloe Berridge)

Team 7868, the Show Me Legos, march with their team sign, while giving out high-fives. (Chloe Berridge)

The Space Invaders also march with their team sign before the opening ceremony. (Chloe Berridge)